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Why should we buy from you?

We have high quality novelty IDs at extremely good prices. We have the best customer support in the industry, and we accept a variety of payment methods to keep it easy for you! We’ll also keep you updated throughout your order


What payment methods do you accept?

We take  Bitcoins.

What state IDs do you sell?


Please see the states we sell page to see what IDs we currently offer.


I don’t live in any of those states. Should I still buy an ID?


Using an out of state ID is recommended. People are used to seeing people from all over the world so an ID from another state is not unusual, in fact it’s best to use an our of state ID versus one from your state.


How good are your IDs? Will they pass in-state?


Our IDs look almost identical to the DMV issued ones and have the same security features. All IDs will have small differences. One ID may seem a little darker or lighter than another. We focus on quality so you can be assured that our IDs are the best you can buy. Having a quality ID is only 50% of the process. You must walk, talk, and look like you’re 21 years old! Attitude and confidence are key.


Do they scan?


Yes, of course. We are scannablefakeids.com!! We wouldn’t have named ourselves that if they weren’t.


Do they pass the blacklight test?


Yes of course. All of our IDs have UV ink security features


Do they have high quality holograms?


Yes! All of our IDs have high quality custom made holograms
Do they pass the bend test?


Yes! All of our IDs bend just like the real IDs and pass any “bend test”.


Do these IDs have any disclaimers on them?


No! These IDs look and feel exactly like real ones. We sell high quality fake IDs not novelty garbage


What is the gold star for?


Some real IDs issued after a certain date have a gold star on them. We will put the gold star on your ID template if it’s issued after a certain date.


Are you sure it’s supposed to look/feel like this?


Yes! We have spent hundreds of hours perfecting every state we offer. We know exactly how the IDs are supposed to look and feel.
Can I use a custom signature?


You can enter the signature you want when you are ordering.


Something is wrong with my ID. Can I get a replacement?


If we have made a mistake, or if your ID does not scan or some other problem we will replace it. If you made a mistake on the form we do not take responsibility for that so PLEASE double check your info before submitting.


What if my ID gets taken?


You can’t win them all.


How long will it take to get my order?



We try to get all IDs in your hands within 3 weeks of payment.
Your order will ship 3-5 business days after your payment has been confirmed.


Will you tell me when my order has shipped?


We do not send shipping notifications. Once you pay we will ship in 3-5 days. After that it is down to the mail service, usually it will arrive inside of 2 weeks.


Is your shipping discreet?


There is nothing suspicious about the package. It will contain a small item like you might purchase off Amazon or eBay and have shipped from China. Customs rarely even open our packages and when they do they send them on without further examination. We are extremely sneaky!


Where do you ship from?


We ship the majority of our IDs from inside the USA which means you don’t have to worry about customs!


Can I ship to a college?


Yes! We ship everywhere in the world!
Do you provide tracking numbers?


Due to security reasons we cannot provide tracking numbers


Do I have to sign for the “package” when it arrives?




Do you ship Internationally?




How do I make payment?


Please see the PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS. The best way to pay is with bitcoin.

Can I order an ID with an age over 23/24? Can I use this to drive? Can I use this for identity theft?


No, our site bases your date of issue on your 21st birthday, if you order an ID that makes you much older than 21 it will be expired. There are no refunds in this instance. We’re here to help kids drink, not help people commit fraud.


What is bitcoin?


Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency. It’s an excellent method to accept payment securely and anonymously


How do I get bitcoin?


You can use CoinBase.com or Circle.com to get bitcoin. It’s very easy and very safe. If you have a large order we recommend making accounts on both sites to increase your purchasing limits.


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