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What You Need To Know About Android Fake ID

What You Need To Know About Android Fake ID

In late 2014 a security company that focuses on finding exploits for mobile devices found that there was a huge flaw in the design of Android software including versions dating all the way back to the 2010 version of Android. The company Bluebox Labs found a security that they have dubbed as Fake ID that could have a huge negative impact if it is used by hackers. While Fake ID is actively being worked on by Google and other manufacturers who utilize Android software for the phones and tablets, the Fake ID vulnerability still has no permanent fix.

What The Flaw Does

Fake ID uses a huge security hole in the permissions settings for Android devices. What Fake ID does, essentially, is allow malicious programs to pretend to have full security permissions when they are installed on a device, even if you do not grant those permissions yourself.
In the past when a piece of malware would do damage to a device, it was typically because the user did not pay attention to any permissions settings and may have allowed a virus to run unabated on their phone. With Fake ID, however, even if the app does not ask for full permissions, hackers can exploit Android and grant themselves full permission, including the permission for the malicious program to access data from other apps.
How It Could Affect You
The reason that Fake ID has to potential to cause so much damage is not just in the fact that it works on software versions dating back almost 5 years ago, but Fake ID can grant malicious apps the ability to scan other application data. What this means is simple: an app that uses Fake ID to grant itself full permissions on your phone could use those permissions to access apps like Facebook to take all of your passwords, or even apps that you have used to purchase products which means your payment information (such as credit cards) as well as other identifying information could be compromised by an app that you do not even realize is causing harm.
With Fake ID, hackers could have the potential to steal financial information, private personal information, and ultimately have the ability to steal someone’s entire identity even if you never granted the virus access in the first place.

What You Need To Do To Stay Protected
While Google has released a statement that said they do not believe any app in the Play Store has used Fake ID, the fact that over one-third of all malicious apps created are targeted at Android devices should be enough to make sure everyone is doing what they can to be protected against Fake ID attacks.
Certain mobile antiviruses are able to view applications that are running live and determine if they are performing any suspicious activity, so you may want to have a program like Norton installed on your phone. Ultimately being extremely careful with the apps you choose and only installing apps from trusted sources is recommended to avoid being exploited by Fake ID.